Hello MLAM members!

I created the these websites to work with Coupon Reach. They are not directory sites but business sites so I can present clients with information about Coupon Reach and allow them to contact me.

Let me know what you think.

If you need help setting up a Coupon Reach business website please contact me. Amazing deal for MLAM -->

MLAM members! Here’s the deal, I am going to use one of these templates for my Coupon Reach business website but to give back to the MLAM community I will set up MLAM members with any one of these sites for $7.50 (that’s right, seven dollars and fifty cents!)

Why? Well, there’s a catch. I have just started selling websites on Fiverr and even though I have 15 years of web design experience I need reviews. I have to charge something, so for MLAM members I will go as close to free as possible, for $7.50 ($5 plus the $2.50 Fiverr fee) I will build you one of these websites in exchange for a stellar review, even if it’s just “Wow man, you have an awesome beard!”  

You need to supply the domain name but I will provide-

  • A super fast WordPress site hosted by SiteGround (Agency Plan)
  • Astra theme templates
  • Elementor editing (simple editing, you don’t even have to touch any code)
  • FREE hosting, email and SSL for a year! That in itself is worth more than $7.50!


Interested? Things you need to know.

  • I am not affiliated with Jason, Joe or My Local Agency. I am simply a fellow MLAM member.
  • I will do my best to answer simple questions but for $7.50, I am not your web master. If you are an amazing salesperson in need of a technical guy, let’s talk.
  • Editing the site is easy using Elementor, you should put everything in your own words. 
  • If you do manage to royally screw up, I will replace the entire site ONE TIME (back to it’s original form, that includes original content).
  • If there is a problem I will refund your money, no reason to lose friends over $7.50. 

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